Revolutionary nurse call explained in 120 seconds

With the ever increasing patient demand, workload and resource shortage, nurses and clinicians are now faced with challenges such as burnout & alarm fatigue.  With an increasing population and shortage of qualified nurses, these complex challenges need to be addressed with a smarter, more strategic workflow solution. CarePlus™ nurse call system address and improves the current and emerging issues within the healthcare environment. Meeting international standards for patient life safety systems, CarePlus™ assists in increasing productivity, prioritisation of workflow, increased job satisfaction and staff retention.


About CarePlus™

CarePlus™ nurse call system is a leading care management system specifically designed for hospitals and aged care applications. Using the latest IP technology, CarePlus™ is a modular, scalable, system offering significant features and benefits by providing a simple web based user interface and intuitive reporting systems, making nurse care easy.

How CarePlus™ Can Assist

With an unprecedented demand in workload, nurses are now facing issues such as burnout and alarm fatigue, where nurses spend walking 6km on average per shift room to room, instead of caring for patients where needed. With increasingly limited resources, nurses try to balance workflow and hectic schedules leading to burnout, job dissatisfaction and in some cases patient neglect.

CarePlus™ assists in providing a strategic and innovative solution for healthcare management. CarePlus™ assists in reducing alarm fatigue as only relevant staff are notified by certain alarms and allows the right messages to be sent to the right caregiver. With full integration features to your Smartphone, CarePlus™ allows to you accept, reject or auto-escalate patient calls whilst on the move, improving workflow. The call back feature allows clinicians to prioritise their patient calls improving efficiency, productivity and allows for job prioritisation.  

Benefits Of CarePlus™

  • Increased communication between hospital departments, Caregivers and between Nurses and Patients.

  • Improved Workflow

  • Increased productivity

  • Ability to utilise resources efficiently

  • Job Prioritisation

  • Staff Job Satisfaction & Retention

  • Patient Satisfaction

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