Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Solutions

What is IPTV? - It's more than just watching T.V 

Increased Patient care and satisfaction has never been more under the spotlight in today's healthcare systems. Hospitals are expected to provide excellent medical treatment and increased patient satisfaction during their stay, all whilst keeping costs within tight annual budgets. 

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) streamlines your TV and IT Network for a customisable and streamlined content distribution, keeping your services up to date with the ever increasing patient demands. IPTV is delivered using the hospitals local- and/or wide-area network and provides on demand content and television broadcasting services. 

IPTV & MATV can enable hospitals with smart solutions such as personalised patient care, increased productivity in staff and increase patient satisfaction by providing the patient with up to date information on their condition and treatments, creating a more comfortable environment, with the added benefit of entertainment during their stay via on demand TV. 


Benefits of IPTV/MATV

IPTV is a very attractive digital television delivery solution, streaming digital on demand video and other content. IPTV is used to service multiple use facilities with a number of television outlets from one central system, enabling a pay per view television/satellite distribution across a facility.

IPTV can provide a number benefits to both the Hospital & Patients, including but not limited to;

  • Increased patient satisfaction through entertainment on demand 

  • Personalised patient care through access to treatment information & medical team

  • Increased productivity for staff 

  • Multiple Language support

  • Customisable interface and programming

  • Scalable 

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